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Today, Norm Goldman, editor of Sketchandtravel & Bookbeeldhouers Susie Ellis, president of Spa Finder Inc. Standard: Can you tell us a little about you and your experience in the spas, and why were you interested? Susie: I was athletic in my youth and it is obviously gravateered to be as healthy as possible. After the University in the mid-1970s I started working in the spa of the Golden Gate, which was at the time without knowing it was the top spa of the country. After spending many years on the staff, I am enchanted with the lives of the people who have been transformed into this well-known place after a week’s stay. I decided to make the spa work in my life, and the combination of movement, good nutrition, spa therapies and a mind / body / spirit approach to welfare has become a passion. And happy for me, the spa industry, which came up at the time, was set up for explosive growth. Standard: Why did the spas continue to grow and became popular in the past year?

Susie: I see three common trends that came together to precipitate the popularity of the spas. 1. The aging of baby boom. This demographics wants to maintain youth and strength. Spas is a perfect place to achieve these goals. 2. Stress. The non-stop bombing of information and connectivity creates people to have places to decompress, destroy, delay and pay attention to their body, mind and spirit. 3. A health care system with problems means that people of all ages should be more responsible for their well-being and health. Standard: How would you first identify a romantic spas in terms of treatment quality, physical fitness, relaxation, location, atmosphere and staff? Susie: Truly, the best way to identify romantic spas is to consult the Romantic / Honeymoon SPA category at . There are almost 50 romantic spas listed.  spa alsace The purpose of the spa search engines is to commit people with their ideal experience for the spa, and we also offer spas in 20 other categories, such as: spas to lose weight, spas for horse riding, steps, spas for yoga, etc. .

As a follow-up, what will you do the top ten on your list?

Here are some of my favorite romantic spas at U.S.:

Mirbeau, New York

Chateau Elan, Georgia

Miramante Resort & Spa, California

Silverado, California.

Emerson, New York

The spa in the Sunday, Utah.

Hampton Retreats, New York

Mana Lani, Hawaii

Sanctuary in Camelback Mountain, Arizona

Wesglow, North Carolina

Outside the US.:

Brenner Park, Baden Baden, Germany

CuArtin Resort & Spa, Anguilla

The Sanctuary, Mexico

Samas, Park Kenmare Hotel, Ireland

Echo Valley Ranch Resort, Canada


What are the benefits of spa treatments for newlyweds and romantic excursions for couples for destroyed?

There are many ways to destroy and specialize the spas. Exercise is an excellent distincer. Bath in hot water is a disadvantage. Massages are for many of the definite destructions. In the spas, people usually leave their outside world, reduce speed and their bodies become more relaxed. A spa has a nutritional staff and there is a beautiful meal that is not drunk, but rather revives. I think what SPAs help us to return to those who are really and we are at that level, are always romantic.